lastfuture aka Peter Marquardt

Hello, I'm lastfuture

and I'm an electronic musician and designer based in Freiburg, Germany. Normal people
will often refer to me as Peter Marquardt.
Please feel free to check out my
vast catalog of music
and more.




Criticising our fast paced and loud world and asking the listener to slow down for a moment while listening to this album. This has been somewhat inspired by Koyaanisqatsi.


How does a secret sound? Perhaps a little bit like this.


The seedy underbelly of this album, ridden with shady mystery.


A princess awakes from her slumber after being discovered by her prince charming. Eventually in dreamshifter she will grow up to be a queen.

Jet Car

A car retrofitted with jet propulsion engines starts in the desert and gains speed as it passes the edge of a cliff and floating in between an otherwise bumpy ride.


Initially just a quick test, this grew on many listeners and made the cut.


Experimenting with a crock pot and teared cello sounds.

Rubber, Bacon, Rock & Roll

Beef, money, sex, drugs, speed, gas, fire, chrome, rubber, bacon, rock & roll!


reverse kill

After ten years of making electronic music and a huge five year pause I started creating again and soon found I had finally reached a level that was worthy of an album release. Some weeks of careful consideration later reverse kill entered stores.

The songs on this album are a collection of tracks that I've made in the 12 or so months prior to the album release.

The genres present on reverse kill are mostly ambient electro ranging from very soft and melancholic to dark and futuristic. They're heavily influenced by the demoscene.

The majority of tracks on this album have been created and/or finalized in Renoise but a few were made in Psycle or finalized in Garageband. Audio tracks like singing or live instrument performances on the iPad were usually recorded in Audacity. The parts that have been played on the iPad were created in a variety of Apps like Bebot, Hexatone and NanoStudio.