lastfuture aka Peter Marquardt

Hello, I'm lastfuture

and I'm an electronic musician and designer based in Freiburg, Germany. Normal people
will often refer to me as Peter Marquardt.
Please feel free to check out my
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Somebody falls asleep and slips into a dream state.


A dream begins, taking the dreamer on a bumpy journey through his neurons.


The princess from reverse kill has grown into a Queen, traveling the seas looking for many adventures.


Warm sunlight pours through the tinted windows of a cathedral.


A wild ride on a fox who can rattle his tail like a snake.


Water droplets almost float.


Floating high above the clouds the dreamer suddenly plunges towards the groud.

Good Bye Prairie

A final blip of a dream fades into the dreamer's mind and he briefly finds himself in a western setting before he finally slips out of dreamland.



This is my second album fit for release. The loose concept behind it is that it documents the dreams of a person throughout a night.

I often remember my dreams in which I experience unusual places and architecture and while none of these tracks are based on dreams of mine I wanted to explore the concept musically.

After the release of reverse kill in early 2011 I set out to finish this album by the end of the year and barely succeeded with a December 24th (christmas) release to my great relief.

The genres present in dreamshifter are somewhere between ambient electro and drum'n'bass and are as always heavily influenced by the demoscene.

Again, the majority of tracks have been created and/or finalized in Renoise while audio tracks like singing or live instrument performances on the iPad were usually recorded in Reaper. The parts that have been played on the iPad were created in a variety of Apps like Korg iMS-20, Garageband and Sunrizer.